All 3PL and 4PL providers are looking to provide innovative, cost-effective solutions to their customers. Pelipod allows all 3PLs and 4PLs to extend their solution offering to their clients.

Many current solutions involve the use of depots, locker boxes and/or collection depots.

How much time do field engineers lose collecting spare parts from lockers, depots or post offices?

How much additional cost is there in vehicle wear and tear and fuel usage?

How much more effective would it be to have the parts delivered and collected at an engineer’s home?

Imagine the security and traceability of a locker or depot but at engineer’s home or local location.

Pelipod compliments current field solutions.

It is a secure, unattended locker box providing an audit trail of every opening and closing, then notifying by email or SMS that a delivery or collection has been made.

Whether that delivery is in-night or during the day, Pelipod turns time lost in driving into valuable productive on-the-job time.

Use our ROI calculator to see how much Pelipod could save your customers……

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