Field based work forces, whether they are engineers, maintenance technicians or sales people, need a constant flow of spares, samples and consumables to undertake their tasks and serve their customers.

Supply chains move items from suppliers to central warehouses; these get sorted, packed and then dispatched through highly automated and efficient processes. From the warehouses they get sent to the field-based workers but this is the stage where efficiency declines because goods cannot normally be delivered directly to the field worker. Field based employees are out with customers during the daytime and unattended deliveries are insecure and liable to other failures.

The final mile of the supply chain, like every other part of the process needs to be ultra-reliable and deliver goods with certainty and on-time. Home deliveries to field based staff have security and other delivery issues so most businesses use a combination of regional depots, locker banks or major Post Office sorting sites to deliver to. Field staff then travel to collect these goods at the beginning of their working day.

Getting highly paid and skilled field based staff to undertake their own collections from even a fairly local delivery point is very wasteful of time and money. A field based engineer with an hourly cost of £40ph going to a depot  three-times a week, where the depot is a half hours travel away from home will in one year waste around £3,000 worth of their time. This ignores the considerable additional costs of renting space in a locker bank or a depot. This calculation is for one engineer: many companies with large teams of field based staff are wasting many hundreds of thousands of pounds by asking their staff to act as their own delivery drivers. Pelipod delivers a complete return on investment in just a few months.

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Pelipod, a UK based company, has developed a product that will change the dynamics of delivery to field based staff. A Pelipod is a smart point-solution parcel delivery and returns box. It is in effect a personal locker, inexpensive enough to be positioned anywhere yet offers more functionality than other locker products and unlike most depots, operates 24/7.

Pelipod complements existing networks of locker banks and depots by closing the inefficiency gaps. Pelipod customers are analysing their field workers travel times and installing Pelipod’s where the longest journeys occur. Where workers have significant travel for collections, Pelipod, by being positioned close to or at the employees’ home transforms efficiency. More time is spent with customers and less time wasted on driving.

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Pelipod  is also being used to provide flexible, additional capacity at depots; it is much less expensive to install Pelipod’s than to extend the floor space or infrastructure of a depot and furthermore, Pelipod can offer 24/7 secure availability by being sited on the outside of the building.

Pelipod is completely stand-alone; it is battery operated and uses the mobile phone network to transmit secure access codes and the corresponding delivery and collection actions – a full audit trail of every access. It needs no integration or special equipment and can be used by all couriers and companies without any additional equipment or IT

To find out more about how Pelipod can save you time and improve your customer service go to or email


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