Meadow green croppedIf you are an employer needing to ship goods or spares to a field based workforce or are a 3PL/4PL providing such a service, have you ever considered how you can improve the efficiency of this supply chain?

Field based workers are often valuable and expensive personnel undertaking critical engineering or support work for end customers. Think of the engineers at utilities or personnel maintaining critical machinery; they need an efficient supply chain to deliver the spares and items to enable them to complete their tasks.

The problem with the vast majority of supply chains is that they cannot get their goods into the hands of these field based staff. To do so would require regular home deliveries to each of them and, as they are out with customers for much of the day, such deliveries would be prone to frequent failure or problems as no one is there to receive the parcel.

So, the current answer to field based deliveries has been the use of depots and locker banks in an attempt to get the goods close to the field based worker and then get each worker to collect from the facility.

This is a less-than-ideal solution. Firstly, lockers and depots are expensive capital items and are therefore located in limited locations; the lower the density of these collection points, the greater distance each worker will need to travel for pick-ups and drop-offs. Secondly, field based workers are trained and employed to do specialist work, not paid to act as expensive couriers.

The failure of supply chains to get goods directly to engineers is hugely wasteful of capital, time and money and reducing field workers time on their main activity impacts customer service.

TSupplychain_2_with_text_2he answer is to massively increase the density of collection points so that each worker has negligible distance to travel. Using traditional approaches, this is impractical because of the cost associated with the additional depot and locker bank infrastructure required. However, there is a solution.

Pelipod is the worlds most advanced B2B point-solution parcel delivery and returns box. Pelipod has more security, asset tracking, auditing and notification capabilities than locker bank solutions and unlike most depots, it operates 24/7. Technology and a thorough understanding of supply chain processes has enabled Pelipod Ltd to produce a product at very low unit cost and this allows it to be positioned where it is most needed. For a given investment, Pelipod enables a significantly greater density of delivery points and enables capacity to be adjusted with changing usage demands. Pelipod gives a Return on Investment in as little as 6 weeks for some customers.

Growing numbers of utilities, engineering firms and the 3PLs and 4PLs supplying them are waking up to the transformational potential of Pelipod.

Find out more at and try out our ROI calculator to see how Pelipod can benefit your business.

Do you have a field based work force to supply?
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