How much time do your field engineers waste by travelling to locker banks to collect spares and components?

Field engineering is a time critical business reliant on an efficient and reliable supply chain. Time spent collecting from distant depots or locker banks means wasted man-hours, extra fuel and less time spent with customers. One missed critical component can waste a whole day or have a cascade effect on project timescales.

What is needed is a point solution, inexpensive enough to be located at every field engineers house or place of work providing 24/7 unattended parcel delivery and returns.

Pelipod can do this.

Pelipod is a fraction of the cost of any locker product of similar functionality and simpler and more reliable than ‘in-boot’ solutions. Pelipod can be placed exactly where parcels are needed to be delivered to. Check our ROI calculator and see how Pelipod saves you money…

Make your engineers more productive; get their deliveries made to them and don’t have them waste their work day chasing deliveries.

Pelipod provides the solution for point deliveries to field engineers. A secure, unattended locker-box providing an audit trail of every opening and closing and notifying by email or SMS that a delivery or collection has been made.

To find out how Pelipod can make your business more productive contact us at or call us on 0330 555 1010.