You pay your sales staff to sell not to chase parcels. How much time is wasted hunting down parcels of samples and customer orders?

There are many businesses reliant on large, distributed home based field sales forces. Current methods to keep these workforces supplied with goods consist of depot collection or dedicated home deliveries using either in-house or third-party carriers. Unfortunately, when sales people are out selling, they are not available to securely receive parcels. This results in high levels of failed deliveries.

Failure to achieve timely deliveries has a ripple effect throughout operations and ultimately results in extra cost and disappointed customers. What is needed is a point solution, inexpensive enough to be installed at every field-sales persons house or local office yet having the ability to have 24/7 unattended parcel delivery and returns.

Pelipod can do this.

Pelipod is a fraction of the cost of any locker product of similar functionality and this allows it to be placed exactly where parcels are needed to be delivered to. Check our ROI calculator and see how Pelipod saves you money…

Sales people who can rely on timely deliveries will not be wasting time chasing down missing parcels and will therefore spend more time selling thereby increasing their productivity.

Pelipod provides the solution for point deliveries to field sales staff. A secure, unattended locker box providing an audit trail of every opening and closing and notifying by email or SMS that a delivery or collection has been made.

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