Many businesses rely on in-night deliveries to ensure their supply chains keep their promises to their customers.

In-night deliveries offer huge logistical advantages to ensure timely delivery of parcels whilst avoiding the congestion, delays and uncertainties of day time deliveries. Promises made one day are delivered reliably on the next. But there is a built-in problem with in-night deliveries; there needs to be a reliable and secure method of receiving each delivery.

Solutions to in-night delivery usually revolve around vehicle ‘boots’, remote lockers or dedicated depot night staff. Lockers, by their nature are an expensive capital items and therefore are positioned at more centralised locations. This then requires engineers or sales staff to drive to the locker using up valuable working time in low value-added driving.

Paying staff to wait around for deliveries is a poor use of resources and often they are located at a central point so repeating the issue with lockers; the parcel is not delivered to exactly the right place.

Pelipod is the perfect solution for in-night delivery especially if you want to optimise the efficiency of your supply chain by having parcels delivered to exactly where they are needed. Pelipod was designed from the outset to have all the required functionality of a locker box yet be inexpensive enough to be positioned where it is needed. What’s more, Pelipod is stand-alone and doesn’t need connecting to the electricity mains or to a WiFi network, so it really can be sited anywhere.

The inherent inefficiency of current in-night solutions can be expensive, inefficient and slows business. Pelipod can save you time and money; do the calculations yourself with our ROI calculator here…….

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