There are over a billion parcels sent between UK businesses every year. Timely and secure arrival of goods is critical to the smooth and profitable running of almost all businesses.

If you have a large, nationwide field based workforce, think of the benefits of having a locker bank located at every field-workers house, every branch office or every remote maintenance site.

If you are a third-party logistics carrier, think of the competitive advantage if you can offer audited, secure deliveries at a finer level of geographic granularity than your competitors.

If you are a small business reliant on timely arrival of goods in-order to serve your customers, think of the benefits of having an autonomous parcel delivery and returns solution that lets you know when collections or deliveries have been made.

Getting goods into the hands of the people that need them at the time and place where they are needed is a huge and growing challenge for all businesses. A parcel delivered to a central depot means a highly skilled and expensive field based employee wastes time and money travelling to pick-up parts or products. A trades-person waiting all day for a critical component lets down his customers and doesn’t earn money.

Pelipod is a low cost yet fully functioning personal locker box solution. Pelipod enables unattended parcel delivery and returns 24/7 and can be placed anywhere where deliveries are needed.