Smart, Intelligent and Standalone

  • Requires no integration to existing systems
  • Active smart box
  • Identifies which parcel has been received or collected
  • Knows package origin, courier and recipient
  • Handles multiple parcels & deliveries
  • Accommodates multiple recipients – one pod for many users
  • Auto health check of all internal components – self reporting of any problems
  • Battery driven, not mains
  • Mobile Network communication – no need for WiFi
  • “In box”health monitoring; reporting and alerting

Simple to Use

  • Standard key pad operation
  • Illuminated Keypad with large keys for ease of use.
  • Straight forward operation for courier and customer
  • Easy to use web / app interfaces
  • Intuitive User and Management Portals

Safety and Security

  • Every delivery or collection has an unique entry code – Parcel Code or Driver PIN
  • Each recipient/user has their own PIN
  • Photograph of Pelipod contents provides extra Proof of Delivery
  • Robust and Weatherproof
  • GPRS identifies location
  • Secure, theft resistant physical fixings