There is a growing need for unattended and/or overnight delivery for a wide range of businesses. Whilst this functionality can be provided by locker banks, these are typically located away from where the parcel is actually needed. Travel to collect and/or failed deliveries have a major impact on productivity.

Pelipod is a point solution, located where the parcel is needed yet providing all of the functionality (and more) of the most advanced locker solutions.

  • Secure
    • Only accessed via the use of unique codes
    • Strong, rugged,polycarbonate, locked parcel box
    • Secured to a physical object, e.g. a wall, using steel cables
  • Audit Trail
    • Provides a record of every delivery and collection
    • Every opening and closing of the lid is captured and visible on the Pelipod Portal
    • Automatically photographs the inside of the Pelipod
  • Notification
    • Tells the recipient by email (or SMS) that the delivery/collection hastaken place
  • Simple and Intuitive to use
    • Simple, large key keypad operation; keypad lit when used
    • Sophistication of the technology hidden from the users
  • Robust
    • Weatherproof – polycarbonate lid and base
    • Tested in the range -35 to +40 degrees Celsius
    • Battery powered so can be located anywhere – no mains, no WiFi
  • Collections
    • Pelipod operates just as well and just as simply for returns

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