Royal Mail vansPost and Parcel recently reported on Royal Mail joining The UK industry body, the Logistics Carbon Reduction Scheme (LCRS).

The Royal Mail operates a large fleet of vehicles and clocks up huge mileage (and C02 outputs) delivering letters and parcels every day. The logistics industry across both consumer and business markets is seeing year on year growth in parcel volumes and the industry is a major contributor to C02 emissions, other pollution and traffic congestion.

There are two major ways any logistics provider can reduce its carbon footprint; improve vehicle efficiency and emit less C02 per mile travelled or cut down on re-deliveries and concentrate on getting it right first time.

Around 5% of all parcels are not delivered right first time (industry figures) and conservatively this means around 100 million parcels need to be redelivered in the UK annually. This inefficiency means extra cost, inconvenience, pollution, vehicle miles and C02. This 5% number has been stable for a number of years; despite all the innovations within the industry this failure rate has stayed stubbornly high.

Cut failed deliveries and the logistics industry will make a significant saving in C02 emissions and help us all by reducing congestion and other pollution whilst providing consumers and businesses with a better service.

                                     Green Pelipod Logo eliminates failed deliveries.

Red PelipodPelipod is the world’s leading smart, connected, personal parcel box for both businesses and consumers. Pelipod technology enables the recipient to know what is delivered and when. It also provides absolute proof of delivery through a full usage audit trail backed up by photographic evidence of parcel delivery. Comprehensive security and the fact that Pelipod operates 24/7 means that failed deliveries should be a thing of the past. Pelipod has all the advantages of parcel locker banks but is priced so that it can be placed at a consumers or field based workers home. A Pelipod even cuts out the need for a journey to a locker bank or click and collect location.

Pelipod is in use by consumers across the UK and a number of major businesses are now adopting Pelipod to manage receipt of goods to their field based workforces. A key driver for the adoption of Pelipod has been the desire for delivery certainty; our customers do not want to miss parcels but neither do they wish to wait around for a “timed” delivery. When deliveries are reliably right first time, there are fewer vehicle miles undertaken per delivery and therefore less congestion, pollution and C02 emissions.

At Pelipod, we are delighted to be making a contribution to greener, cleaner supply chains.

Royal Mail Seeks to reduce its CO2 Impact
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