Are you a plumber, electrician, decorator, handyman or handywoman?

You know how pressured running your own business can be. Customers are impatient but you are waiting for that key component or spare. How many times has delivery let you down so you then have to let a customer down? How many times have you taken time out from your trade to collect goods from stores, shops or lockers?

Pelipod was designed so that you could concentrate on your customers and know that your parcels can be delivered in your absence.

Pelipod works 24/7, is secure, reliable and effective.

Pelipod can receive multiple deliveries through the day and send you an email confirmation when a delivery is made. Your parcels are delivered where you want them so no more time wasted queuing at depots or Post Offices.

You don’t get paid for collecting parcels! Check out our ROI calculator to see how Pelipod can save you money…

Pelipod provides the solution for point deliveries to your home or place of work. A secure, unattended locker box providing an audit trail of every opening and closing and notifying by email or SMS that a delivery or collection has been made.

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