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Sharon Clancy of  eDelivery logoeDelivery magazine wrote an excellent article on the impact of telematics (Internet of Things – IoT) on the retail supply-chain Whilst her article focussed on retail B2C, many of the points made could equally relate to B2B as well.

We at Pelipod have gained some unique insight and experience of the impact of IoT at the final stage of the supply chain and indeed the Pelipod product is probably the first true IoT personal parcel delivery box. Pelipod was designed to address the failings of final mile deliveries caused by, amongst other things, customers not being present, insufficient security and lack of certainty. Fixing these issues needed a connected device able to send and receive various information including dynamic secure access codes.  Parcels that fail to arrive, get stolen or delivered elsewhere are a major cost to businesses and consumers but IoT promises a revolution in how they get to their destination.

TKey padhe article discussed the huge impact of data generated by IoT throughout the supply-chain. Across the supply chain IoT devices are being employed to assist with the tracking, routing and reporting on goods and their journey to customers. Every connected device generates its own set of unique information and this avalanche of data, correctly used, offers an insight into many aspects of the supply-chain and customer experience. Correct interpretation and use of this data can stimulate ongoing improvements in service, competitiveness and customer engagement.


As an IoT device, Pelipod collects and manages an array of data covering all aspects of its usage; specifically, Pelipod informs on the what, when and by whom deliveries and collections are made. The data gives a full audit trail (backed with photographic evidence) to provide complete certainty and security around deliveries.


Pelipod collects Micro Data which when combined with other data sources provides the Big Data to show and provide analysis on usage, patterns, anomalies and operational issues. This insight can be used by retailers, businesses and couriers to optimise service, reduce waste and eliminate fraud.  For example Big Data from a network of Pelipod’s could help couriers optimise services, fine tune their commercial terms or identify how profitable different delivery geographies are.

As the eDelivery article explained, IoT is increasingly being used throughout ecommerce and the supply chain. Pelipod is a pioneering product in the market working with other products with complementary capabilities at different stages of delivery process. Innovation is driving a huge reduction in communication costs and leading to an explosion of creativity in the employment of new technologies. Businesses should embrace these changes and use data to inform their actions or they will find themselves increasingly marginalised by their competition.

The impact of IoT on the retail supply-chain
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