Pelipod simplifies your supply chain.

It takes out the intermediary stocking location of a depot or locker-box. Pelipod gets parcels to where they are required 24/7 in a secure and fully audited manner.

Pelipod is a smart, connected, unattended parcel delivery box designed as a point solution for businesses. Able to operate autonomously, Pelipod can be located anywhere. With Pelipod there will be no more wasted journeys to locker banks or depots and no more time spent driving to collect parcels.

Pelipod provides all the functionality of an advanced locker bank but at a significantly lower cost. This allows businesses to simplify the final step of their supply chain providing the following benefits:

  • Gets the parcel to where it is needed; your workforce not travelling to collect
  • Supports JIT inventory management
  • Manages reverse logistics
  • Eliminates the need for intermediate or transit delivery locations
  • No IT integration required; works with existing processes

Cost Control:

  • Right First Time deliveries reduces the cost to serve:
    • Reduced customer service calls and investigations relating to failed or late deliveries
  • No need to collect parcels, saving on engineer’s time and vehicle running costs
  • More cost effective than locker-banks – lower capital and running costs
  • More cost-effective than spares depots – lower capital and running costs
  • Lower cost means a larger network of delivery points can be deployed

Environmental Benefits:

  • No need for your employees to collect – reducing mileage, CO2 emissions and pollution
  • Allows deliveries to be made at traffic-free times including the “shoulders” of the working day